Analytical Notes

  1. Estimating Ireland’s Budgetary Semi-Elasticities
    (published July 2019)
  2. A “Heat Map” for Monitoring Imbalances in the Irish Economy
    (published September 2018)
  3. Challenges Forecasting Irish Corporation Tax
    (published September 2016)
  4. Public Capital: Investment Stocks and Depreciation
    (published June 2016)
  5. Controlling the Health Budget: Annual Budget Implementation in the Public Health Area
    (published August 2015)
  6. The EU Expenditure Benchmark: Operational Issues for Ireland in 2016
    (published April 2015)
  7. Adoption of New International Standards for National Accounts and Balance of Payments
    (published November 2014)
  8. Future Implications of the Debt Rule
    (published June 2014)
  9. DIRT Forecast Methodology
    (published June 2014)
  10. Tax Forecasting Error Decomposition
    (published June 2014)
  11. Sensitivity Analysis of the Department of Finance Approach to Potential Output Estimation under the EC Methodology
    (published June 2014)
  12. House Price Risks
    (published June 2014)