IFAC Welcomes New Chair, New Council Member and Reappointment of Existing Council Member

4th January 2017

IFAC welcomes the appointment of Seamus Coffey as the new Chair of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council effective from 1 January 2017. Mr. Coffey is a serving Member of the Council and is well placed to strengthen the role of IFAC as an independent body responsible for the assessment of official budgetary forecasts and proposed fiscal policy objectives. Mr. Coffey replaces outgoing Chair, Professor John McHale, whose leadership since IFAC’s inception in July 2011 has been central to establishing IFAC’s independence and in helping to build its analytical capacity.

IFAC also welcomes the appointment of Martina Lawless as a new member of the Council and the reappointment of Sebastian Barnes for a further four-year term, with both appointments effective from 1 January 2017.