Path for the Public Finances, 2019: Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability: Winter is Coming!

This conference was the Council’s third annual “Path for the Public Finances” conference. It took place on 22nd February 2019 and explored:

  • long-run growth prospects;
  • demographic changes; and
  • future health and pensions costs.

    International experts and key players in Ireland discussed how they are trying to address these issues.


  • Conference Programme

    Presentations (Videos and Slides)

    Nicholas Crafts
    The Future Growth Path for Europe and Ireland (Slides)

    Enrique Martin Quilis
    Long-Term Population Projections under Uncertainty (Slides)

    Ainhoa Osés Arranz
    Predicting Migration in Ireland: A Gravity Model Approach (Slides)

    James Ebdon
    Fiscal Sustainability and Public Spending on Health (Slides)

    Maev-Ann Wren
    Insights from the Hippocrates Model of Healthcare Demand and Expenditure (Slides)

    Hervé Boulhol
    Ageing Pressure on Public Finance (Slides)

    Jasmina Behan
    Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service: Supporting Evidence-Based Policy Making (Slides)

    Íde Kearney
    The Policy Debate on Fiscal Sustainability in the Netherlands (Slides)

    John McCarthy
    Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability (Slides)