Path for the Public Finances, 2019: Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability: Winter is Coming!

This conference was the Council’s third annual “Path for the Public Finances” conference. It took place on 22nd February 2019 and explored:

  • long-run growth prospects;
  • demographic changes; and
  • future health and pensions costs.

International experts and key players in Ireland discussed how they are trying to address these issues.


Presentations (Videos and Slides)

Nicholas Crafts
The Future Growth Path for Europe and Ireland (Slides)

Enrique Martin Quilis
Long-Term Population Projections under Uncertainty (Slides)

Ainhoa Osés Arranz
Predicting Migration in Ireland: A Gravity Model Approach (Slides)

James Ebdon
Fiscal Sustainability and Public Spending on Health (Slides)

Maev-Ann Wren
Insights from the Hippocrates Model of Healthcare Demand and Expenditure (Slides)

Hervé Boulhol
Ageing Pressure on Public Finance (Slides)

Jasmina Behan
Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service: Supporting Evidence-Based Policy Making (Slides)

Íde Kearney
The Policy Debate on Fiscal Sustainability in the Netherlands (Slides)

John McCarthy
Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability (Slides)