Path for the Public Finances 2021: Ensuring debt sustainability in a post-Covid world

The Irish Fiscal Advisory Council hosted its fifth annual conference focusing on long-term public finance issues online on 8th-9th February 2021.



The conference focused on the theme of fiscal policy in the era of high public debt and low interest rates that follows the outbreak of Covid-19.

The conference had two sessions: the first looked at fiscal policy of high debt conditional on current interest rates (debt sustainability analysis; what does it means for the fiscal rules, how should policymakers respond). The second took a more “big picture” look at the sustainability of low interest rates given high public debt, ageing, financial implications and whether such pressures might influence monetary policy.

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Presentation slides


Antonio Fatás – Potential Output, Cyclical Scars and Fiscal Policy
Karolina Ekholm – Economic policy mix in a low interest rate environment
Olivier Blanchard – Debt sustainability in theory and in practice
Eddie Casey – Managing government debt at high altitude: velocity, instability and headwinds