FOI What we spend

What we spend


  • Governance Board Member remuneration Non executive Governance Board Member remuneration for attendance at Board meetings, or work as a Board member (where applicable).


Fees and Time – buy outs


  Fee/Time buy-out Jan – June 2016 July – Dec 2016
John McHale (chair Time buy-out to NUIG  €  €
Sebastian Barnes Time buy-out to OECD  €  €
Séamus Coffey Time buy-out to UCC (tbc)  €  €
Íde Kearney Fee  €  €
Michael Tutty Fee  €  €
  • Please click here to see full breakdown of travel and subsistence: [link to spreadsheet with quarterly T&S]


  •  Financial information relating to income and expenditure further to Section Payments or Purchase Orders for goods and services:


Q1 2016 Payment to the ESRI under the SLA:
Q2 2016 Payment to the ESRI Under the SLA:
Q3 2016 Payment to the ESRI under the SLA:
Q4 2016 Payment to the ESRI under the SLA:


  • Public contracts awarded including contract type, contractor, value, award date, duration and brief description (tabular format) over €10k for ICT and over €25k for other contracts On a quarterly basis, details of public contracts awarded for values over €10,000 for ICT and €25,000 for all other contracts (exclusive of VAT) should be published.

 Payments to Datastream for 2016: €XX,XXX